Timber Sports – 2

Cookies & Chops continued

July 14, 2012, Memorial Park, Chase, BC, the Timber Sports competition in full swing. Contestants are measured and judged during timber games for accuracy, agility, skill, stamina, and speed. (This article continued from http://www.littleshuswapstudio.com/2012/10/timber-sports/).

Springboard Chop

The lumberman chops pockets up a large standing log by axing out a pocket, jamming a steel-toed springboard into the pocket, sinking his ax blade above his head and holding onto the axe handle propels himself up to the next level to again chop a pocket in which to secure the springboard and step up to a further height…and when he reaches the top he must lop off the top of the standing post. Not only is the lumberman swinging an ax from high in the air, but he must also chop from both let and right. Each man’s journey up is a story in itself often determined by the density and growth of the log. This is the craziest timed event I’ve ever witnessed.

  Standing Block Chop

About a 3-foot-length log is held vertically in what looks like a very large Xmas tree stand. The lumberman chops starts with an underhand swing of the axe followed by chopping down and prying out chunks of a wedge. Then the lumberman moves around to the other side of the log, chops down from the top at a severe angle until the top half is lopped off. According to the STIHL site, the record for this event is 12.28 seconds.

Underhand Chop

A log, less than a foot-and-a-half in length is placed  horizontally across a stand. A lumberman stands atop the log with feet apart, bends at the waist and chops between his feet. Then he makes a helicopter turn with raised axe and chops the other side until the log is severed. The record is 12.11 seconds. Chopping between the feet is an inherently risky exercise.

Stock Saw

In the women’s stock saw event, There was also a competition where women competitors raced to slice one thin cookie from the log.

A chain saw is used on a horizontally held 16-inch pine log to cut one cookie going down and a second cookie on the way up. They are given a 4 inch line and both cookies must be cut precisely within that allowed width.

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Hopefully, this event will return to Chase next year as it was really well done.


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