Dapper Dancer

Dapper Hatted Man and Canada Goose

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Dapper dancer and goose

Dapper Dancer & Canada Goose


The best way for me to learn is to “just do it”, and keep the manual close by. I am now in printer learning mode. The manual is over a thousand pages, so I have not printed it entirely and can lug it around. I am trouble-shooting a bronzing problem in the blues (see previous image). To bypass this problem, I created a new image with very little blue. (grin) This should give me more time to find and correct the blues.

I am printing for the first time with a paper product, Lyve canvas. Besides printing I must also tackle papers —canvas, matte, textured or untextured, coated, with or without OBAs, weight, stiffness, etc. Often, I already have some skill or experience, but lack the language to master the print job or find and describe a printing problem –bronzing, metalic haze or gloss differential  I am lucky to be so familiar with much of the software and colour management tools. I’m more than half-way there.

I have made a start on my personal projects and finally have a few prints on canvas. Next I will use oils, brushes, glazes to enhance and protect the images I have made. These images have been taken so far from their reality that only the subject may know that it is him. I am pretty sure no one sees themselves Boldini-like these days.

It is such a good practice for me to find an old photo from archives, plan and paint it, and print it up. Then later, decide what further emphasis is needed for the print and add that too. This is exciting.



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  1. Judith Phares 2015-06-04 at 10:26 pm #

    I Love this painting Marg. Another outstanding one, full of interest and makes for a fantastic study of his jewelry, his clothing, shoes, and I love how the goose adds to this also. Wonderful.

    Judith Phares

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