Marg Scott – Image Maker

Marg Scott took Journalism/Photojournalist at S.A.I.T. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As technology started to play a part in people’s daily lives, she took an early interest in the changed world of photography..a digital revolution with less pollution and no long wait for the results. No more metals pumped into the soil. Nor labs with hanging negatives and baths of developer and fixative. No more waiting for rolls sent away to staff in development studios.

She jumped into the challenges of enhanced photography, cameras and computers. New software required new skills to edit and manipule low resolution images. Digital presented photographers with a way to regain control of their camera results, as long as they acquired the skills and practices needed to drive the pixel to the print. She is now an image maker who lives in Chase, British Columbia—a village, which lies at the mouth of Little Shuswap Lake in the midst of the Rocky Mountains —halfway between Salmon Arm and Kamloops.

She wishes to capture the rare moment, an age, tenderness for a pet, a familial feeling, a meaning, hockey game to an every day. She uses the camera to capture that story. While her photo-journalistic roots remain strong, she purposefully crosses borders. “There’s visual reality and mind’s-eye imagination. I prefer to use what suits my subject”.

From the photograph, she may take a story farther: enhance the subject; editorialize an event, use sharpness, line and colour to make the subject bigger-than-life. She uses photography to produces prints, storybooks, fine art portraits, funky sportraits, and unique hybrid oil paintings with the use of skills and imagination. (Blue ribbon – Photo Art excellence, a juried gallery competition, 2008 Shuswap Festival of the Arts.)

She contends, “Wherever people are, there is a story”. Her subjects are usually people, but she will go out of her way for pets, salmon runs, and rodios. She likes to capture subjects in their own environment, work, or comfort zone while they’re in the midst of movement. Marg may be boring, but her images are not.

Although she embraces the stimulation and energy of the web, she prefers the print. “Still photography is more important than ever. Technological and commercial noise is everywhere, I wade neck-deep in noise. There’s an ongoing stream of meaningless information, stimulation, distraction….I’m afraid if I turn it off, I’ll miss something. The still photo, like silence, allows me time to think. It helps me to remember what is important.”

Welcome to her Little Shuswap Studio.