Chase Wharf

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  1. The new wharf is a steel and concrete beauty, taller, and made to last longer. If needed, a maintenance truck can now drive down the length of it. The wharf funding was an 80 provincial:20 village funding split —$325,000 to $90,000 was paid out.
  2. Saturday, July 27, 2013,noon, in Chase’s Memorial Park. Although fresh out of the hospital and on crutches, Councillor Steve Scott wants to witness the opening ceremony of the newly completed wharf. “It is a big feature for the village of Chase…a new wharf comes in at half a million dollars.”
  3. Councillor David Lepsoe (and village workers) set up a tent, table and chairs for VIP speakers and guest-attendees in the park . On the table is a huge cake and framed photographs of the old wharf.
  4. Master of Ceremonies, His Worship, Mayor Ron Anderson introduces the VIP speakers, welcomes guests, and explains the ceremonies to come. He looks sort of like a Summer-time Santa Clause to me….To his left is Denise Harper, Schoolboard Chair. To his right stands Neskonlith Chief Judy Wilson and her Mom, Elder Kenoras. Chief Judy, right on the mark, dubbed the wharf “Chase’s iconic meeting place”.
  5. Speaker, MLA Todd Stone, makes his first public dedication and announces the opening of the wharf for all.
  6. MLA Todd Stone and His Worship Mayor Ron Anderson cut the ribbon and remove the bow to the entrance of the wharf. The wharf is now open.
  7. The Mayor and MLA welcome a group of firsts to step on the wharf with them.
  8. Next, the Fire Rescue crew and the acting Fire Chief’s daughter step onto the wharf.

We miss out on the cake ceremony. Time for Councillor Steve Scott to go home.


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