Trumpeter Swans

I await the return of Trumpeter Swans. They like to feed near the mouth of the Little Shuswap River. The water is ice cold and the Sockeye Salmon which is headed to the Adams River has mostly passed beneath the Pine Street Bridge. Winter is coming.

I can usually tell the mature males from females. The neck has a larger circumference. These swans require a long takeoff before becoming airborne. I have seen one wild swan death. He could not elevate his body fast enough and did not clear the bridge. It was startling for me, but tragic for the mate he left behind. I’ve read they can live up to 25 years old.

Although the largest and heaviest of birds, they keep their distance on the river. I have watched them come and go for years, but never had a great photo. Shy, they always remain far away in our shallow winter waters.

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