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Timber Sports | Little Shuswap Studio

Timber Sports

Making Cookies And Chop

Part I – slideshows

July 14, 2012, I lug my camera to Memorial Park in the hope of finding a log-rolling contest that I could photograph from the beach. No log-rolling. Instead, lots of cookies and chop. These contestants are measured and judged during timber games for accuracy, agility, skill, stamina, and speed.

A mouthy MC introduces a line-up of contestants.
Chase volunteers man a beer garden for a hot and thirsty crowd. 
Tourists and Locals laugh as a balladeer sings a Chase song.
…These Timber Sports games get off to a roaring good start.

Axe target throw

Locals were also given the chance to participate in their own axe throw competition.  The main event below, with the Timber Sports competitors went fast and were judged in a final play off . We cannot display this gallery



Dutch Buck Saw

A long two-handled saw which requires two men to work together to manually pull and push the saw’s length through the log to drop a 2 inch wide cookie to the ground.

Single Buck Saw

A very long one-handled saw that the lumberman uses to manually cut off one cookie through a lateral held 14 inch diameter log. A second man, with one hand, holds a metal wedge at the top of the log cut which allows movement of the blade length and with the other hand, he sprays oil on the blade of the saw. —The record for this event is 9.39 seconds. [Slideshow below]

see link below for “Timber Sports – Part 2” which includes: Springboard Chop, Standing Chop, Underhand Chop, and Stock Saw coverage.
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