SweetHeart Dancer

Child Pow Wow Dancer for Valentine’s Day

This is the latest in the series of Pow Wow Dancers. While impasto was used to make male Boldini figures, the child was done in a softer, more illustrative Disney manner.

The photograph of this small serious child at the pow wow event stands out in my mind. Like a bee, intent on the gathering, the wee girl flew around the circle, serious every step of the way.  And so when I wanted a special child for Valentine’s Day, she came to mind.

The Little Shuswap Studio site has been updated. I had to change my black theme to keep up with the wordpress theme company that made corporate changes. Through trial and error, I learned how to use the new theme interface. After some serious logistical problems, I finally got the site switched over (converted) with help from the theme technicians. Was so happy there was help in the internet void.

—I must also familiarize myself with a new gallery-album system interface called “NextGEN Pro” that is now a part of the expanded theme company. As well, I still have to convert old posts with galleries to the new gallery system. For some reason this has been fiddly and so I’ve left a lot of the old posts.

To learn, I have been shooting hockey games. Then I make each shoot into a gallery which I link to a new hockey album. Not only is this gallery system new; but also, it SO differs from my old archival hangout at pbase. The capabilities are endless, and so are the mistakes I can make. There are only a couple of home games left, but I am now shooting through glass that is too well marked with debris. It was a great practice for learning to use gallery & album settings and figuring out a few capabilities. And the upside is that the site is now liquid. I can check it out on an iPad.

Once again, I am in software learning mode. Blending with new brushes.

This project is doubly good. Not only will I be dodging and burning flowers; but also, I will be dodging the Winter blues. Expect flowers the next post.

Happy Valentines Day to all my women friends. -30-

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