I used dramatic posture from a photo to paint a smokey story. I paint while I imagine the environment. A picture story can add meaning and emotion to the written word.

Firestarter – Old Style Fire Management Practices

Pow Wow Dancer with Forelock Hair Style

Our drums beat loudly to scare the birds and four-footed animals away, then our Firestarter gets to work. She lights all her pine sap baskets as she travels on her mapped way, just as her Mother had done before her.

When next our village camps here, there will be food for all. New shrubs will grow in the ash. Lodgepole pine, aspen and birch will return.
Once more, there will be large grassy meadows. Travel will be on cleared pathways. And our people will be able to move through the forests to hunt. There will be room, food and lodging so that all can live.

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