3 Child Dancers

These child dancer paintings are less concerned with realistic facial features, regalia, and detail and more concerned with movement and light. While I revisit old methods of building up composites and story, I use new and different brush types in order to experiment with lighting such as halation, reflected light, shadow colour. Once more, I return to my Pow Wow photo archives with newly piqued interest. Scorll below to see the first two Tot Dancer paintings created with new brushes and ideas.

A Youth Jingle Dancer and Neskonlith Princess dances with her crown for the first time. Once again, halation was painted to display reflective materials. Older methods mimicking traditional painting stages with progressive cloning techniques, as well as layers, modes, and FX. Again, the image was greatly simplified to bring focus to the subject story.

A plateau was created for this dancer’s background in harmonious colours. This will be the last painting session with Corel Painter 2020 as I updated to the 2021. I am again in learning mode and reloading all custom libraries accumulated, from brushes, textures, papers, and selections saved.

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