Postcard From Chase

Chase – Only One Ass in Town

My first visit to the Chase Chamber of Commerce information trailer was to learn about a now forgotten event. While in conversation with the attendant, I noticed a large number of postcards for sale. I had to smile when I saw the tired 1950’s style aerial landscape photos which, usually taken from the wildflower hills viewpoint,  captures over-and-over-again the seemingly timeless view of —lake, bridge, town.  You know the one.

Right away, the information fellow mentioned that they were looking for some fresh postcards, but had to figure in the costs of producing a smaller run of multiples, and still keep costs competitive. I wondered if I could make a post card series about Chase and its resources…demographically speaking.

I knew my postcard series would never be as good as that great advertising campaign …I love New York with the graphic heart landing on every bus, T-shirt, and trinket for decades. Still, with resources such as a small lake, ranches, and retirees everywhere, I aimed the market at day-trippers in camper trailers with boats, skis, tubes, TVs, and rods. My postcard series campaign was to prove that “Just Another Day in Paradise is another day in Chase”.

But I have to tell you up front that the kind man from Chase Info Centre let me down easy when he said, “Well we’re only looking for fresh landscapes and cute wildlife”.

I did find out where good donkeys do go:


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