Pet Portrait

Dog Portrait of Kia

Time to do a pet portrait. it’s been a long time since I did a short haired dog, so I am not much of a judge. Kia is getting older and I need an update and it’s her turn. She’s not a good model though and ruined my flower bed before I got the shot.

It is easier, faster and most comfortable if I use the same old brush variants with familiar settings time after time for every painting in the past couple of years. This time I am using different categories and am trying for a more abstract look without losing the integrity of my subject features. –Hard to tell when I am so used to seeing her. Just a harder practice has bee good though. Update 2 years later. Kia’s mate, Picard, died this Spring andthen in July, Kia was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth. This is November and I am teaching her new tricks to take photos and learn black on black work. She’s sure like working, but not cameras so much.

Kia, died May 14th, 2021. Oh, she is missed.

lab cross pet dog

Kia in my tulips

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