Owl Medicine Bag

Along the animistic theme, this is a further painted Boldini-like pow wow dancer. This fellow holds “The owl” in his hands in the form of a medicine bag.

I picked an owl because it can see in the dark and make his way through the forest. The owl is another symbol of change, death, transition…called upon when a person must accept change, discern masks, find understanding during a confused time in life.

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The Owl

The Owl


Wonder if the dancer will recognize himself in the image?

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  1. Judith Phares 2015-07-05 at 1:55 pm #

    This is particularly outstanding. Love the colors you used. Definitely the Boldini style shown in the colors and the texture of the painting. I love the lighting you have portrayed that illuminates all the highlights and shadows of his clohiing. Very lovely how you faded the people into the background that did not pertain to the subject. I think he would love to see this. Outstanding interpretation of this scene in your usual very detailed yet painterly way.

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