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Note: Chase Heat – Home game photo shoots are posted as temporarily Galleries for the Regular Season then my favourites are moved HERE . See Photo Blog to find more Chase Heat posters.
Trevor Okino Poster

New composite Heat Poster, “#7-Trevor Okino”, was created from home game shoots of the 2014-15 season. A nebula image from The Hubble site was added to make a background. The poster print, a larger size of 16″ X 20″, turned out well with lots of action shots and it clearly shows the earned “A”.  Lots of history in this print, but make note, Okino, at the end of season was named “Captain”, with a big “C” on his jersey in the following 2015-16 season.

Why do I still shoot games? There is not a camera practice more difficult than capturing hockey. A hockey shoot keeps me fast and accurate in low light. I need this kind of practice. The shoot stops hockey in motion. It is  often surprising and educational. As I cull and develop images, it is like opening an unknown package. It is that exciting.

For me, this poster was the final experiment with all the new and different glues, paints, papers. –A new 17-inch roll of metallic paper makes lovely glassy prints and was used to make this poster into a 16″ X 20″ print. Outstanding highly reflective paper, much like ice, and great for masculine action shots of athletes. A paper worth the shipping rates!

While the print was outstanding, the glue was an abject failure. This and two paintings failed with this expensive archival glue with Masonite… no matter how carefully I rolled and weighted the final. This was the worst failure because of the paper’s makeup. Huge air pockets.

I have one archival glue left to try, but I can’t order or get it shipped to Canada until Spring.

The failed finished prints are valuable to me only. They are the ones I save with reference notes on the back. I do not want to repeat a bad process. Still, it is good to see this player in print.

7 - Trevor Okino

7 – Trevor Okino

New Ice

Yesterday, Coach Fox and Willa Brooks laced their skates on, to teach beneath 32 new LED lights which shone brightly overhead. Douglas, the arena manager, said the remaining 32 lights will also be replaced. I got out my camera. All the deep shadows had gone. And hopefully, all the strange colour casts with them. The new LEDs are daylight, but I found them close to 4500 K. Now, if the glass is cleaned, I can shoot with one gained F-stop.

Power Skating – Teaching Hockey Skills on Ice

Willa Brooks watches students like a hawk and waits for a pattern of repeated mistakes in order to correct each individual.
Power Skate


power skating

Teaching skills on ice


power skating skills

Students are not pouring enough speed on.



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