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Chase Heat Goalie Poster

Goal Keeps always get attention from photographers. The nets are the most exciting location to get classic action shots. It follows that I’d accumulate a sizeable collection.

Composites are technically complicated and posters are big. I thought this would be a fun project. The last hockey season I’d recorded was in 2016, I would need to relearn a number of poster-making skills.

I started with, “How Best To Make A Masthead-101″ on a 16″ X 20” page. Then I digitally painted the goalie’s face from a thumbnail-sized photo. (My apologies to Vince Benedetto if the cameo is not a good likeness. I can’t identify anyone who is helmeted and at a distance.) Next I traveled down the page to flesh out a team theme. Half my problems were solved by whittling the number of figures down to six. I was lucky to have a favourite predominant image, ‘The Catch’.

I finished an hour ago. For now, I am happy with it. It was fun to make a poster again. (See other season posters below.)

Note:Note: Chase Heat home game photo shoots are posted HERE . They are temporary galleries.

7 - Trevor Okino
7 – Trevor Okino
Goalie Bruyere MVP poster

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