This was a study created after reading Schmid’s “The Figure”. I was interested in his use of edges and his study of Sargent. I made and added Black and white textures to suit the image and tinted them as needed using the texture panel. I painted to use colour and contrast to combine the subject with the background. On a tenth final image, Iused Skip Allen’s Ultimate Thick Paint and Thick Paint Compatible brushes to make all the line work and so bring out the feather, roach, and bustle. This study was difficult for me. I seldom like my outcome using “thick paints”, but need to learn to put them to good use. Edges can be used to add focus exactly where you wish.

Schmid starts “The Figure” by saying that “the control of edges is not arbitrary”. He talks about John Singer Sargent’s use of edges. He wrote about the light source creating natural colour harmony; and that colour is subjective; while edges, value, and shape are quantifiable entities. All are elements used to grab and keep viewer attention. I am slow to learn all these new discoveries and need a notebook now to write them all down.

Elder – Senior Dancer Neskonlith Pow Wow
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