Deer Man

The Deer

This man was dancing in the Seniors category at the Neskonlith Pow Wow, 2016. In the photo reference, he wears bright green regalia as he danced. And he was a very good dancer.But I am in learning mode this Winter and I wanted a Boldini-style painting. Everything about him is changed.

–I am using Painter’s new Glazing, Dab stencils and Texture brushes; along with Karen Sperling’s brushes; as well as, some of my old favourites —such as Den’s. I used a plethora of tools this time and varied brush size and dab locations. It is good to be in learning mode, except, a painting takes longer to finish. Lately my biggest process change is working on numerous multiple layers. I can return and change what I like when I wish.

I naturally use multiple layers, blend modes, and masks when I work in Photoshop, but still find it an unnatural way to work in Painter. Many of Painter’s brush types will not paint fast upon layers. It is an interruption to stop and make technical adjustments to a brush to achieve the same stroke upon layers. As the software gets more complicated it becomes ever more frustrating. I lose focus when it is not yet a smooth process. When I paint, I like to paint.


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