Dancer Landscape

Still painting, still printing Pow Wow dancers on archival canvas. Now I am also oil painting and gel varnishing large canvas panels as well.

I hungered for a series to develop in my  own way. This means I experiment. I have a few failures and each sends me out to look for a new methods for work. It is so good to find out what is best and get the images made to my own liking.

This one “Turq” has a landscape with mood; instead of an abstract background.  It is not yet a print on canvas and won’t be until I decide on it. It’s not “done” I have yet to print it and paint it with oils on panel.  This image took me down quite a few side paths, probably because I did not have a clear finish in mind as I worked on it. (Click thumbnail below to enlarge.) –The horizon is off.

Male dancer on landscape mood (Photo & Digital Painting by Marg Scott)

Pow Wow dancer in landscape (Photo & Digital Painting by Marg Scott)


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