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The Proffered Hand

The Proffered Hand Skwlax Pow Wow I started this painting during a “Knight’s” class as a black and white image. I wanted the man’s image to come toward the foreground, but it never looked quite […]

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Hoi, Hoi, Hoi

I downloaded a photo of a German beerfest crowd from Pixabay. Two men were talking in the foreground and I liked the looks of this fellow as he looked like he could sing a song […]

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I had downloaded a free-use image for painting fur practice, but the sadness of this Chimpanzee got to me. The photograph was proof that she is real, somewhere ‘out there’ and captive. I tried to […]

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Back to Learn Mode. Want to integrate “Thick Paint” brush strokes into my works when it suits the image and need to get used to the Corel Painter 2020’s new interface. This image practice is […]

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A flautist is under a canopy of cherry trees. I carried this idea in my head when I first saw the tree in a photo. It was good to get it painted. If you scroll […]

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Cherry Tree

Have been doing lots of painting, but no posting. For March, The Cherry tree is a further exercise in trunk, branch and foliage. As well, it is a negative painting practice to separate pannicles and […]

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Portrait Montage

Portrait Painted with Rock and Forest Textures Still practicing. This one is textures painted with the new texture brush categories from Painter. Below is the latest:  

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Child Portraits

Child Portraits New version Painter 2017 out means new interface and tools. In ‘learning mode’ it means a lot of practice with few visually satisfying results, but many new ideas to develop and put together. As […]

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Blue Heron Painting

Great Blue Heron Used Karen Bonaker’s impasto brushes to add harsh edges to the bird and feathers while making the lake and reflection blended. Original from a photo I took in February (Brrrr) of a […]

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Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait of Benji A Bichon-Poodle cross who was dashing through wet morning grass demanded attention. He is ten, with energy to spare and very congenial, as was his owner. Have not painted dogs, other […]

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Pet Portrait

Dog Portrait of Kia Time to do a pet portrait. it’s been a long time since I did a short haired dog, so I am not much of a judge. Kia is getting older and […]

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Pow Wow Youth

Youth Pow Wow Dancer I call this painting “BlueBoy”. Oil, impasto, and blending with brushes on multiple layers and versions.

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Boy Dancer

Mouse – Boy Dancer Finished this youthful grass dancer. Mouse was the browns sampled from the boy’s regalia. And the image started out, predominantly in sepia colours. Later, I sampled more of the colours and […]

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SweetHeart Dancer

Child Pow Wow Dancer for Valentine’s Day This is the latest in the series of Pow Wow Dancers. While impasto was used to make male Boldini figures, the child was done in a softer, more […]

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Owl Medicine Bag Along the animistic theme, this is a further painted Boldini-like pow wow dancer. This fellow holds “The owl” in his hands in the form of a medicine bag. I picked an owl […]

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