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I used dramatic posture from a photo to paint a smokey story. I paint while I imagine the environment. A picture story can add meaning and emotion to the written word. Firestarter – Old Style […]

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Jingle Dancer

Jingle dancer from photo archive composited and painted. Mountain Textured Jingle Dancer Texture control -Started with rough canvas and canvas duplicate black and white as texture. It was over the top. added mountain texture using […]

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This was a study created after reading Schmid’s “The Figure”. I was interested in his use of edges and his study of Sargent. I made and added Black and white textures to suit the image […]

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Kadinsky Tree

A dive into something different for me, a tree made with a Kadinsky brush changed a couple of different way. As well, I started out with a daily texture for a canvas and added a […]

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From Beneath Pine St. Bridge

This painting is the far shore taken from beneath Pine street bridge.I made a texture map from a black and white version of the photo and applied a very old Photoshop filter from the Other […]

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Air Messaging This was a work from imagination. I am using Brayers and Wax textures as well as different custom papers on this work to make a high rock location. First, I needed to get […]

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Face Painted Youth

Three paintings were made from photo references of this pow wow youth dancer. He was a terrific. Who gets a good subject in motion that has bright colour, interesting form, and angry passion. I’d forgotten […]

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Pow Dancer – The Hop

This was the Pow Wow – Senior Men’s Dance winner, a powerful athletic dancer, who I was able to catch in the hop motion. I remember he was smiling and had the widest grin at […]

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3 Child Dancers

These child dancer paintings are less concerned with realistic facial features, regalia, and detail and more concerned with movement and light. While I revisit old methods of building up composites and story, I use new […]

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Back to Learn Mode. Want to integrate “Thick Paint” brush strokes into my works when it suits the image and need to get used to the Corel Painter 2020’s new interface. This image practice is […]

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Bears Dancing

Bear Dance First time I’ve seen the claw and growl action between dancers. Serious fun for kids in the circle. The kids were so happy to be bears. Updated some very old brushes in Painter […]

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Watch Bears Dance

Watch Bears Dance “Watch Bears dance” – digital painting result based on Neskonlith Elder’s Pow Wow, August 2017, from WIP  GrandMother archives. Created Nov. 2017. for 18 X 22.5 inch gallery wrap.      

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Deer Man

The Deer This man was dancing in the Seniors category at the Neskonlith Pow Wow, 2016. In the photo reference, he wears bright green regalia as he danced. And he was a very good dancer.But […]

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Go Home

Time To Go Home This digital oil painting, with a bit of impasto, was posted for a Sept 29, 2016, DAA class using Corel Painter’s new 2017, new software version. For my final assignment I […]

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Oriental Pink Lilies

Oriental Pinks Taking a class on Impasto with special brushes and wanted a finished image to print. For me, impasto is all about edges and light. I always like a subtle little bit of impasto […]

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Boy Dancer

Mouse – Boy Dancer Finished this youthful grass dancer. Mouse was the browns sampled from the boy’s regalia. And the image started out, predominantly in sepia colours. Later, I sampled more of the colours and […]

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Blending Blue Cranesbill, A Perennial Geranium Blending these days to practice for an upcoming class with Karen Bonaker, at Digital Art Academy. I need to use the new Blender Panel in Painter. I’d like to […]

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Snow Dancers

Dancer in a Snowscape I made a photo composite of my main subject on a heavily populated aspen patch. Then I painted a snowscape with a few birches, my subject, and later added a fox […]

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Dancer Landscape

Still painting, still printing Pow Wow dancers on archival canvas. Now I am also oil painting and gel varnishing large canvas panels as well. I hungered for a series to develop in my  own way. […]

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Owl Medicine Bag Along the animistic theme, this is a further painted Boldini-like pow wow dancer. This fellow holds “The owl” in his hands in the form of a medicine bag. I picked an owl […]

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Pipe Dancer

Pipe of Change (Click Image to View Full Sized.)   The legend of Calf Woman kept going through my mind as I painted.  I want the dancer and the white calf to have power and […]

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Dapper Dancer

Dapper Hatted Man and Canada Goose (Click Image to View Full Sized Hat Man)   Dapper Dancer & Canada Goose   The best way for me to learn is to “just do it”, and keep […]

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Pow Wow Dancer

Heron Man I printed my first canvas and I printed it with a new printer. Also created “Heron Man” —another Pow Wow painting— the 13th image in a series of Bodini-like figures. Optimism has returned.  […]

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Paintings Lost

I put all my painted images that I had not printed onto a storage hard drive during extensive house renovations. The external hard drive failed. When I inquired about the costs involved in rescue and […]

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